Abhilash Architects: Pioneers in Crafting Healthcare Ethical Design & Holistic Commitment

Baburaj V. R. ,Managing Director

Baburaj V. R.

Managing Director

Designing hospitals requires a delicate balance of artistry and scientific precision, integrating diverse medical demands into a cohesive structure that fosters therapeutic effect. Based in Kerala, Abhilash Architects is an es¬teemed firm excelling in architecture, engineering, and design. Renowned for its expertise in healthcare construction, the firm has garnered significant recognition in various sectors, including religious, hospitality, education, commercial, and residential architecture.

Boasting a rich legacy of 32 years within the construction industry, Abhilash Architects consistently delivers dependable, avant-garde, technology infused solutions and services. This is made possible by a cadre of adept, creative, and self-assured professionals empowered to innovate and excel.

"Initially, one of our residential clients entrusted us with a clinic project. Over time, this led to further assignments—expanding from that small clinic to a hospital and, subsequently, the interior design of an intensive care unit within a famous hospital. When our firm commenced, healthcare architecture wasn't in our immediate plans. However, with each project, our client base expanded, bolstering our reputation through exemplary service and unwavering ethical practices. Gradually, each successful project amplified our interest and engagement in the healthcare sector.

It presented an intriguing challenge unlike other architectural endeavors, such as hotels, commercial malls, or multiplex theaters. The complexity of hospital architecture surpasses these, making it the most demanding and captivating aspect of our work. Despite its intricacies, our team developed a profound passion for this segment of architecture", says Baburaj V. R., Managing Director of Abhilash Architects.
Adheres Efficient Timeline
Abhilash Architects provides a range of services that encompass architectural designs tailored to the specific mission and specifications of each client. Interior design will influence the identities of individuals. In addition to a proficient civil and MEP consultancy that has established a solid standing for providing high-quality services within the designated period, Vijaya Hospital, Kottarakara, Upasana Hospital, and numerous other ongoing projects are among the tasks performed by the Abhilash Architects.

"The project's unique selling point is its efficient timeline—completing a 24-month project in 20 months, backed by testimonials. We prioritize top-notch materials, skilled labor, and ethical practices across civil, architectural, and interior aspects. Our core values include ethics, quality, and efficient time management, upheld by a highly professional and competent team", speaks Baburaj V. R.

Moreover, Abhilash Architects embodies an ethical foundation and custom designs that prioritize sustainability and energy-efficient buildings. With a strong commitment to social responsibility, channel project revenues to benefit society. In addition to this, the company's team is spiritually guided, drawing inspiration from a spiritual mentor.

"Our diverse team comprises facility planners, NABH consultants, hospital architects, India experts, engineers, and various other specialists. Operating nationwide, we offer a spectrum of services including biomedical engineering, facility planning infrastructure and project management consultancy, and architectural conceptualization", adds Baburaj V. R.

Abhilash Architects' core values include ethics, quality & efficient time management, upheld by a highly professional & competent team

Similarly, the leadership team at Abhilash Architects includes nearly 20 architects, accompanied by structural engineers, MEP engineers, and consultants, and a significant presence of HVAC engineers transitioning into biomedical engineering. Further, the company collaborates with pan- Indian-level operating associate MEP consultants, along with professional and qualified doctors specializing in facility planning and providing guidance on NABH compliance.

Shortly, Abhilash Architects plans to expand into the Middle East, engaging in supportive collaborations with agencies in the same region, particularly focusing on technical support and project management consultancy. As a turnkey company, it designs and executes projects internally while also undertaking PMC assignments.

Baburaj V. R. envisions, "Our aspirations revolve around establishing healthcare standards nationally and globally. We aim to innovate in healthcare by blending hospitality and residential ambiance with healthcare facilities in hospitals".