Aashirvad Psychotherapy & Training Center: Offering Blend of Customized & Accurate Psychotherapy Treatment

Sulbha Mankeshvar, Psychotherapist & Counseling Hypnotherapist

Sulbha Mankeshvar

Psychotherapist & Counseling Hypnotherapist

How often have you been told to ‘think positive’ and ‘focus on good things’ in difficult times? Certainly, a lot since 75-98 percent of our mental and physical illness are the result of how we think. Thoughts are the most powerful source and force in the world that can turn things upside down. Always emphasizing on the power of thoughts, behavior, different beliefs and implications, Aashirvad Psychotherapy & Training Center offers a holistic approach and blend of therapies for mental health and overall personal growth. These therapies are customized considering the intensity & nature of the problem, root cause of it, observing the symptoms, and behavior complexity of patients. “For many patients, individual therapy works and for others, eclectic or integrative therapy approach gives best results,” asserts Sulbha Mankeshvar, Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aashirvad Psychotherapy & Training Center.

Aashirvad deals with a wide range of mental health issues like pre/post marital issues, behavior concerns, personality problems, pre/post operative cases, family/relationship
issues, addiction, depression and anxiety problems. Putting a stress force on the effectiveness, understanding and faster recovery, the center applies REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and PCT (Person Centered Therapy) for behavioral concerns, clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling for addiction, substance abuse and bad personality habits. It also provides couple therapy for marital issues.

Mental health is still the most ignored aspect of human life in India, and Aashirvad’s objective is to make people aware about mental health

Treating the Minds to Breathe
Happiness is relative. While for many, it is successful relationship that matters, for others, their overall achievements in life is the core of happiness. Aashirvad always respects and accepts their emotional manifestations and hence its therapeutic interventions are based on these personal interpretations and their understanding. To do so, the clinic provides an unbiased and comfortable environment to patients to express themselves. “We are keen on identifying a core problem than to target on those issues asked by our clients,” says Sulbha. With such differentiated approach and utmost positive attitude, down to earth and practical approach, the clinic helps every client to feel more comfortable, expressive, trustworthy and realistically hopeful.
This helps to create the alliance of a client and the therapist more operational, functional and result oriented.

“Mental health is still the most ignored aspect of human life in India, and Aashirvad’s objective is to make people aware about mental health,” asserts Sulbha. Hence the clinic has been conducting various workshops and training programs like stress & anger management, heal your life, women oriented programs, PMS, practical applications of REBT and CBT to name a few. Aashirvad has also crafted unique courses akin to ‘Relationship Management’ and ADCT (Advanced Diploma in Counselling Techniques). Till date, the clinic has provided internship programs to many students and have helped them to acquire the relevant skill set to function in the discipline. These training aim at creating awareness about health and fitness, choosing the right career, enriching relationships and setting proper life goals.

Aashirvad will soon start online courses for those who want to know about the psychology behind human behavior and the techniques to make our life happier and content. The clinic has also started applying new therapies like ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and several others. “We aim to create a mentally healthy society by removing the sense of psychological discomfort from people’s mind. We are sure we will accomplish this one day as we possess the spirit, willingness and patience to achieve them,” concludes Sulbha.