Aarogyam Clinic: Specialized Skin Treatment & Care for All

Dr. Narendra Kumar,    Founder & CEO

Dr. Narendra Kumar, Founder & CEO

Healthcare delivery has continuously enhanced over the past few decades, but remains in adequate to the Base of Pyramid populations in the rural areas for accessible & affordable healthcare. In this highly urban-centric environment, there are very few doctors & quality healthcare providers who concentrate towards weaker section of society. Patients not only lose a day’s wage, but the sheer effort to access a qualified doctor literally kills them financially/physically in majority of cases.

Answering this burning gap in the Indian medical landscape, D Dr. Narendra Kumar (B.Sc, MBBS, MD, MRCS (Luck.), National Chief President - Chikitsa Seva Bharti (Indian Organization of Doctors) and Ph.D in Philosophy & Astrology), a celebrated Dermatologist, founded Aarogyam Clinic in 2002, which today has over 450,000 doctors associated with it. This public-spirited clinic and doctors are focused on making quality skin treatment accessible to every needy, poor and handicapped person. Taking very minimal fee in order to run the clinic efficiently and achieve their vision of reaching the poorest person of the society,the clinic has effectively
organized 1000+ camps in Faridabad alone and 450+ countrywide completely free of cost. “With the aim to provide high quality healthcare to poor people, I started my clinic with a small token fee of Rs.50,” asserts Dr. Narendra. Rendering an all comprehensive diagnostic and treatment experience to patients, this ISO 9001: 2015 certified clinic holds expertise in dealing with all ailments pertaining to skin, including Eczema, Hyper pigmentation, Allergy, Birth Mark Removal, Acne Treatment, Dermal Fillers, Peels and Tele-dermatology. Instead of banking heavily on using the equipment during treatment, the clinic uses it as just an enabler to diagnose the disease if not treatment with medication. This approach also helps the clinic to keep a control on the cost of treatment, thus making quality treatment available at affordable prices.

"With the aim to provide high quality healthcare to poor people,I started my clinic with a small token fee of Rs.50"

Dr. Narendra believes in rendering treatment that is knowledge-based and quality driven. To achieve this, he renders sufficient time (20 minutes) to each patient (irrespective of their numbers), listens to all their queries, and after examining entire aspects, advices appropriate medicine/treatment and issues statement of disease only after it gets diagnosed. Leveraging his professional expertise along with knowledge of philosophy & astrology, Dr. Narendra convinces patients and treats them based on their type/layer of skin (oily/dry), food habit, body language, lifestyle and nature of work as well as symptoms of disease.
Noble Approach
Going-the-extra mile, Aarogyam publishes in-house magazine (15 lakhs copies/month distributed free of cost) to keep patients updated about various doctors available at clinics and recent/upcoming events conducted nationwide by the clinic. Furthermore, due to the high volume of chemical content in branded cosmetics resulting in early skin ageing and other skin-related issues, Aarogyam suggests its patients to refrain from using any such products that have high chemical content. These distinct approaches not only give Aarogyam an edge over its competitors, but also help it to achieve 99 percent success rate. “Today, people live a hectic & tight scheduled life and their diet contains mainly junk & oily food, making them age before time. At Aarogyam, we motivate people to lead happy, stress-free life and switch their food habit to healthy diet. We even create awareness among them about the root causes of skin diseases,” adds Dr. Narendra, who was conferred the 'Best Skin Specialist of India' award in 2015, and has even been certified from CBI for not telling a lie in his entire life.

Having presence in seven states (MP, UP, Uttarkhand,Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat), Aarogyam looks forward to expand its footprint in Punjab, and associate with more doctors and other professionals to serve the larger community. “I suggest doctors to treat one patient free of cost each day. This will help take our initiative to newer heights each day without impacting their pockets,” concludes Dr. Narendra.