32 Smiles Multispecialty Dental Clinic: Carving Your Perfect Smile!

Dr. M. R. Pujari, CEOA smile is the most precious ornament one wears and everyone has a unique smile of their own. This uniqueness is further perfected by ways and managing details of the smile such as teeth alignment, alterations in shape, size, colour and texture of teeth. These minor alterations can bring a major change in a smile and complete well being of a person which are otherwise hesitant to smile confidently. A proficient hand and master of perfect smile, Dr. M.R.Pujari has infused confidence in many lives to capture the world with those perfect facial curves.

An Endodontist and an Implantologist, he has accumulated a vast experience of 11 years to give that perfect smile every single individual dreams of.“Putting my experience to use,I always work towards creating that Perfect& Confident smile for every patient of mine,”affirms Dr. Pujari, CEO,
32 Smiles Multispecialty Clinic. With expertise in Oral Medicine and Radiology, Dr. Pujari offers services including, but not limited to, composite veneering (lamination & colouration),ceramic laminates (ceramic colouration), zirconia crown (teeth cementation), Treatment of tetracycline stains, Toothache treatment, Artificial Teeth treatment, Braces Treatment for Adults and Teens, Ceramic Braces Treatment, teeth scaling (cleaning)& Polishing, Dental Check-ups, Tooth Extraction and dental filling.

As a patient friendly clinic,32 Smiles believes in regular followups once the treatment is done by sending software generated messages to clients every six months

Only the Best
Having specialists on board, this 2005 established clinic uses cutting-edge Laser Technology and world class infrastructure to offer the best dental care & hygiene, and personalized care. The services are assisted by specialized equipments such as Zoom whitening light, Advanced technique through use of Philips laser which helps in gum countering techniques and RVG-
a scanning system, amongst several others. “When ever a client comes for regular visit, we emphasize on their present smile and the proposed smile to be. We counsel them keeping in mind their overall look including complexion, function of the teeth improving the facial profile,” asserts Dr. Pujari.

As a patient-friendly clinic, 32 Smiles believes in regular followups once the treatment is done by sending software generated messages to clients every six months. The software also enables patients to have one-on-one with their doctors 24x7 to get their querries answered. Accounting to such perfection, the clinic has grown by leaps and bounds with six branches across Bangalore.

Throwing light to the importance of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Pujari points out that the need for Cosmetic dentistry is more emphasized in metro cities, and subsequent bigger cities rather than smaller towns. However, as an exception, the clinic even conducts workshops in rural areas, schools, colonies and companies to create awareness on dental hygiene and health. Currently experiencing an annual growth of 25-30 percent (thanks to its patients and their references), 32 Smiles looks forward to open few more branches across the city soon.