Signant Health: Reimagining Clinical Research

   Divesh Singla,    Vice President, APAC & Country Head - India, Philippines & Japan

Divesh Singla

Vice President, APAC & Country Head - India, Philippines & Japan

The healthcare solutions industry has undergone several changes recently, especially with COVID-19, and technology and analytics is now playing a crucial role in the delivery of clinical research outcomes. Furthermore, the healthcare sector is constantly being expanded bythe growing demand for fresh applications and the incorporation of transformative technologies, which need to make it easier for people to participate in, and easier for sites and study teams to run clinical trials so patients can provide the reliable insights clinical research deserves, without disrupting their day. Signant Health combines innovative technology with deep therapeutic area and operational expertise to improve health outcomes measurement. Signant solutions have supported 28% of all recent novel drug approvals by the FDA and EMA A global leader in evidence generation for modern clinical trials provides solutions that simplify every step of the patient journey. Signant unites eCOA, eConsent, Patient Engagement, RTSM, Clinical Supplies, Data Aggregation and Analysis, and Endpoint Quality into the industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric suite, Signant Smart Signals a single source for comprehensive, proven clinical trial evidence generation solutions.

"Signant Health combines innovative technology with deep therapeutic area and operational expertise to improve health outcomes measurement"

Committed to Providing innovative solutions
Signant, a pioneer in digitally enabled clinical trials, continues to innovate by investing in products and solutions that serve customers and patients. This includes being the first company to use ePRO in a remote study, the first to use remote ClinRO assessments as a primary endpoint, and the first to use BYOD in an ePROstudy. It offers a comprehensive suite of clinical trial management solutions that include not only evidence generation but also supplies management, study management, and patient engagement. Their solutions apply to both traditional site-based trials and hybrid and decentralised clinical trials. Signant combines cutting- edge technology with medical and scientific expertise to produce highquality evidence.

“Signant's eCOA solutions include a collection of digital endpoints from wearable sensors, photographic endpoints as well as video-based and site based clinician ratings. Investigative product(IP) management solutions include configurable randomization and trial supply management(RTSM) software that facilitates conventional and direct-to-patient medication provision, as well as SaaS based supply chain management software to plan and manage manufacturing and provision processes more accurately as compared to spreadsheet planning”, says Divesh Singla, Vice President, APAC and Country Head, India, Philippines and Japan.
Signant implemented key enhancements to its Smart Signals Randomization and Trial Supply Management(RTSM)solution and subsequently integrations with last mile courier solutions to facilitate direct-to-patient delivery. Signant’s design environment for its leading eCOA solution results in 40-60% reductions in build time, optimizations to user experience within its patient app, and enhanced multilanguage eCOA library capabilities.

Signant Health has established itself as one of the most dependable and consistent players in the market with the help of a solid employee base of over 2,000 staff members and the support of renowned clinical science and medical experts

To address the increasing complexity of clinical trials and demand for more data Signant made strategic investments including one in thoughts here allowing them to cover the full continuum of the patient-data journey, up to the regulatory dossier and final submission. These solutions provide sponsors and data managers with a streamlined means to ingest, collect, and standardise clinical data from any source, easing data reviews, analysis, and quality oversight. Their product offerings have significantly aided their expansion in the eClinical solutions sector. Furthermore, to enable a single-app experience for the patients, Signant acquired Vir Trial, strengthening their telemedicine expertise and offering as well as incorporating their leading patient engagement app(TrialGuide) functionality within Signant’s eCOA solution.

With the introduction of Oncology Complete, a new solution package that combines extensive clinical technology with scientific and operational services for oncology trial optimization, Signant has been concentrating on the field of oncology. To simplify patient data collection and trial management, the technology serves as a single point of contact for sponsors and CROs, with the launch of this Oncology Complete solution, Signant has positioned itself as a leading player in oncology therapeutic segment, with very few players developing a therapy-specific expertise.

Signant Health has established itself as one of the most dependable and consistent players in the market with the help of a solid employee base of over 2,000 staff members and the support of renowned clinical science and medical experts. With the opening of a new office in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, the company will continue to grow its clientele. With more than 250 project management and technology specialists, Signant just opened an office in Hyderabad. The company is also investing heavily in talent in other parts of the world, such as the Philippines, Romania, and Mexico. “The company has further strengthened its industry expertise with several new executive appointments of industry experts including Dr. Dawie Wessels as Chief Medical Officer, Sanjiv Waghmare as Chief Product Officer, Ian Jennings as Chief Commercial Officer, Jean-Jacques (JJ) Charhon as Chief Financial Officer, George Moore as Chief Technology Officer and Michael Tucker as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer”, shares Divesh Singla.

While the company is currently a large-segment player, with its keen focus on entering the SMID (small to mid) market to increase uptake of their products, efforts to build leadership, ongoing investments in its solutions, expanding global talent footprint, and, a Signant continues to strengthen its position as leading clinical research technology solution provider helping its clients to continue to meet their clinical research objectives as a result of its innovative solutions and approaches to industry difficulties. Signant is also pursuing growth with clinical research organizations, emerging biotechs and medical device manufacturers by demonstrating an understanding of the challenges each of these types of organizations face through tailored solution packages developed from direct experience with their trials.