Physio Qinesis: Engaging in a Holistic Approach to Adjusting Pain & Movement Dysfunction at its Roots

Shwetha Rao Warke, FounderPhysiotherapists are healthcare specialists that assist in analyzing and restoring the movement of patients affected by an illness or injury. Physiotherapy is highly effective in treating chronic pain in patients that help them live a healthy & better life. Physio therapy in western countries is a first contact practice wherein somebody can directly go to a Physiotherapist. There exists a holistic process of approaching and treating any patient or athlete who comes to them. Although physiotherapy in India is evolving and growing, it still requires a holistic approach towards achieving complete recovery from pain and movement dysfunction.

Most often, patients would heal for a short period of time and get the same kind of pain again or injury in other parts of the body. These were some of the observations that Shwetha Rao Warke a practising Physio therapist with over a decade of experience working for a leading Hospital based in Thane as a clinical Physiotherapist, had been noticing ever since she completed Postgraduation in Physiotherapy from the University of Mumbai in 2003. Based on her observations, Shwetha took a sabbatical from her work in 2016 to develop a plan to build upon her observation. And Later that year, she would establish her holistic sports medicine, fitness and wellness centre in Thane by the name of PhysioQinesis.

PhysioQinesis is a result of ShwethaRao Warke's decade long accumulated expertise & knowledge in Physiotherapy, where she leads a team of highly qualified and experienced Physios comprising of Exercise Physiologists, Calisthenics & Running Coach, Massage Therapists, and Sports Nutritionists. Together, the group of health experts at PhysioQinesis delivers holistic healing to the patients that identify the root cause of the pain be it a strain, bulge or catch in customized, one on one sessions. Whether a professional athlete seeking long term solutions to their injuries or a homemaker seeking relief from chronic pain, the clinic arms its patients with proper education about the root cause of their problems through its one off sessions.

PhysioQinesis delivers holistic healing to the patients that identify the root cause of the pain, be it a strain, bulge, or catch, in customized, one-on-one sessions

Since its establishment in 2016, PhysioQinesis has healed over 400 clients from back pain 650+ cured & fit clients, and treated over 50 professional athletes, which even includes a Marathon runner suffering from a severe knee injury deemed unsalvageable by other doctors.

PhysioQinesis'state-of-the-art rehabilitation & fitness clinic comes with the latest tools & machines that deliver accurate objective data. It's not only about the objective data at PhysioQinesis the clinic also gathers a ton of subjective information which helps the practitioners identify the root cause of the pain. Once the initial assessments are done, the experts at PhysioQinesis offer various treatments ranging from Myofascial Release Movement Analysis, Co-Strengthening Programs, Osteopathic Manual Therapy to McKenzie Therapy, and much more.

Serving the Sports Fraternity in Mumbai & Thane
At the moment, PhysioQinesis is looking to incorporate more technology into its operations to derive the most accurate & reliable objective movement data to sports professionals. The clinic offers Deep Tissue Sports Massage to help athletes achieve their sport's specific goals such as recovery after a competition, treat or prevent injury, increase athletic performance certified Strength & Conditioning Program to help athletes become faster, stronger, more flexible, and advanced Kickboxing Workouts that combine martial arts techniques with heart pumping cardio. And, with India performing so well in the recent Tokyo Olympics, Shwetha Rao is looking forward to evolving PhysioQinesis into a niche sports clinic for both sports professionals & fitness enthusiasts in and around Mumbai & Thane.