Niramay Diabetes & Heart Care Centre: Patient-Centric Diabetic Care Centre

Dr. Ajay Kaduskar,Director & Consulting Diabetologist

Dr. Ajay Kaduskar

Director & Consulting Diabetologist

Diabetes is a fast increasing life style disorder causing a mass havoc due to its associated complications among the smart population of India. With uncontrolled diabetes being the major cause of cardiovascular disease, renal failure, retinopathy leading to blindness and leg amputations, it is a cause of huge financial burden for the affected family in particular and the entire society in general. “Screening of these complications requires complete diabetes management programs, which requires a qualified team of doctors, nutritionists, diabetic educators and fully functional pathology lab equipped with various monitoring devices,” explains Dr. Ajay Kaduskar, Director & Consulting Diabetologist, Niramay Diabetes & Heart Care Centre (Niramay DHCC), who is the ex-president of Diabetic Association of India, Nagpur. Niramay DHCC offers such effective diabetic management programs to the patients.

Since Dr.Ajay started Niramay DHCC in 2010 in Nagpur, he has been gathering the perfect workforce, improving technical efficacy and including modern procedures to offer complete diabetes care under one roof. This is why the clinic, which is registered under Hospital Board of India, has patients visiting from a radius of 400km.

Modern Modalities to Treat Diabetes
Statistics infer Type2 diabetes is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes worldwide. To deal with this concern, Niramay DHCC is equipped with perfect machineries like ECG, TMT and 2D Echo. Often, early detection of atherosclerosis can prevent ischemic stroke and heart attacks,
Thus, the clinic offers carotid intimamedia thickness test as prediagnosis for detection of probable heart blockage in the concerned individual in the future.

Prolonged uncontrolled diabetes can damage the peripheral nerves, commonly known as diabetic neuropathy. This can further lead to complications limb amputation, which can be prevented by pre-diagnosis of neuropathy. Similarly affection of retina can lead to blindness. Niramay DHCC offers early detection test for retinopathy using its AI based machine to detect diabetic retinopathy. “We have every gadget and infrastructure required for detection, prevention and progression of diabetes related complications headed by an effective diabetes management team,” concludes Dr. Ajay.

Niramay DHCC offers carotid intimamedia thickness test as pre diagnosis for detection of probable heart blockage in the concerned individual in the future

Offerings beyond Diagnosis
Prescribed pills with each doctor’s visit is not enough to manage diabetes. It includes dietary advice, weight management, screening for complications and awareness of the disease. Headed by Dr. Ajay, the sole diabetologist at Niramay DHCC, the clinic addresses above mentioned issues under one roof through its team of diabetic nutritionists, support staff, and trained pathologists. The clinic also has a team of adolescent pediatricians who take care of adolescent obesity patients.

This tech savvy clinic has introduced online and app based patient appointment. Patients can easily book appointment through its website or mobile application, or can simply walk in. Post booking, the patients are guided by the officials within the facility through different processes and modalities. As they visit from distant places, the clinic tries to maintain a strict turnaround time. The reports are either handed to the patients or can be viewed online. Dr. Ajay maintains a digital record of all the patient credentials and accordingly performs a routine follow up (through call or SMS). Niramay DHCC also has a set of experts who help patients in managing their insulin dosages and assist them in case of any difficulty while taking insulin.

Niramay DHCC has also appointed diabetic counselors to educate the patient, manage and check the progression of the disease, and conducts diabetes awareness programs around the city through its trust Dr. V S Kaduskar memorial foundation. Its Niramay Diabetes Mobile Unit visits the remote suburbs to manage diabetes at their door step of the underprivileged in the society. Such meticulous service has resulted in constant growth of the organization since its inception. Currently, Niramay DHCC plans to upgrade to a hub and spoke model and a digital platform to save the patients from travelling so far.