DIALIFE Diabetes Thyroid And Endocrine Centre: From Diabetic Medication to Diabetic Education - A Transformational Journey

Dr. Guruprasad Udupi,  Medical Director

Dr. Guruprasad Udupi

Medical Director

Online information is a double-edged sword. It can keep you knowledgeable, but also make you a paranoiac, especially when it’s a medical condition. Half the time you search about the symptoms online, you’ll diagnose yourself with cancer. In the case of lifestyle diseases, it’s no different. Even though Diabetes is India’s fastest growing disorder (98 million people in India may have Type2 diabetes by 2030, says a Lancet study), being paranoid and going for the medication after a couple of blood tests is far from its effective treatment. Dr. Guruprasad Udupi, one of the most famous Diabetologists in Bangalore and the Medical Director of Bangalore-based Dialife Diabetes Thyroid And Endocrine Centre, elucidates, “Falling prey to the patients’ paranoia and commencing the treatment of Diabetes right away with a long sheet of prescription is not the right way to do it. Because diabetes is not a disease, it’s a disorder”. Through Dialife, Dr. Guruprasad, on-boards a treatment cycle that starts right from educating patients – a unique approach that transformed Dr. Guruprasad’s operations from a single-room clinic to a state-of-the-art two storeyed medical centre.

A Unique Treatment Cycle
Patients today are highly influenced by the sea of online information and often allured by the advertisements of diabetic medications. Their mindset more often than not is confined around tablets, while a series of timely interventions can probably help them well-manage their condition. These interventions include blood glucose control through a combination of diet, physical activities, and only if necessary, medication. Since instilling patients with the right mentality and the right information is of paramount importance, the first door that opens in front of every patient in Dialife is that of an Educator, who meticulously studies the ailment and empathetically makes them aware of their precise medical conditions before anything else.

Subsequently, the patients are guided to an inhouse Psychologist who further takes away their apprehensions and makes them treatment ready. In Dialife, treatment starts with a Nutritionist and an Educator who combine their insights to help patients manage their blood glucose by balancing what you eat and drink with physical activity. Especially for Type-2 Diabetes, this is an inevitable part of the treatment cycle. Hence, post all the necessary tests and consulting with all the aforementioned medical specialists, when they eventually meet Dr. Guruprasad the Diabetologist, patients are more than ready to fight their lifestyle disease from all the coordinates.

“The patients generally are extremely prompt in taking the medication alone. But the result of our approach, which also includes the latest healthcare technologies & tools and world class practices, over the past decade, has been overwhelming,” adjoins Dr. Guruprasad.

Latest in Town
It’s nothing new that even with regular exercise and cautious diet, Diabetes could come uninvited. Case in point is Athletes, who despite regular exercise are prone to Diabetes. Management of insulin dosing and glycemic control thus becomes an important aspect of their treatment. Dr. Guruprasad says, “Conventionally, patients do blood sugar tests twice a day. But diabetic health, especially for any patient, is not something that can be analysed through a couple of tests. We have to study their sugar levels continuously throughout the day”.

The result of our approach, which also includes the latest healthcare technologies & tools and world class practices, over the past decade, has been overwhelming

With a patient list that comprises nationally famous sport persons including a national Kabaddi player, lot of politicians and film actors, Dialife is well-ahead of the healthcare technology curve. It engages one of the latest arrivals in blood glucose level monitoring technologies – Ambulatory Glucose Profiling (AGP). AGP device is a Bluetooth activated sensor placed in the interstitial fluid, which measures and reports the blood glucose concentration as often as every 15 minutes (with the latest versions, even five minutes). Hence, instead of just two readings a day,96 readings (easily interpretable by trained and untrained users) will be generated, and within two weeks, there will be 1300+ readings. More precise, reliable and easily interpretable data means better decision making and faster alterations in diet & exercise patterns. Dr. Guruprasad being a team member in one of the first Insulin Pump (avoids the hassle of pricking constantly) installations in pregnant women in India, Dialife is also home to the latest advancements in the insulin pumping technology.

Above all the advancements in the healthcare ecosystem, there is a sense of personalised healthcare that prevails in Dialife. It’s not only about Dr. Guruprasad’s genuine care and support towards his patient, but also about his willingness to help them through virtual consultations. The rationale behind him emerging as one of the most famous Diabetologists in a city like Bangalore, where every alley has a healthcare practitioner, is no different.

"Above all the advancements in the healthcare ecosystem, there is a sense of personalised healthcare that prevails in Dialife"

Starting from Children
Dr. Guruprasad originally embarked on Dialife-journey in 2008 to inspire people and transform their vision from diabetic medication to diabetic education. He started from a single-room clinic in Bangalore, along with his wife, who managed the front office. The word on the street about his skill & knowledge as a practitioner and unique approach spread like wildfire. Within a year, he moved to a new building in Vidyaranyapura. Today, Dialife is home to more than 25000 patients, amidst a world class facility. “We are growing, while also conducting several awareness classes across schools and educational institutions. The lifestyle changes should start from the children,” concludes Dr. Guruprasad. Moreover, Dialife is an official training centre for diabetic education programs under IMA. While being indulged in small-scale molecular research, the centre also looks forward to use data analytics for the larger benefits of patients. Having a great vision in place, no wonder Dialife is on a steady, organic growth track.

Key Management:
Dr. Guruprasad Udupi, Medical Director
A Consultant Diabetologist based in Bangalore, Dr. Guruprasad practices at Mallige Medical Centre (Crescent Road) and Dialife Diabetes Care Centre (Vidyaranyapura). An MBBS from JSS Medical College, he completed the DNB (Internal Medicine) examination in 2003 and obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetology from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (Cochin) in 2006. He later did his Masters in Endocrinology from University of Southwales, UK. He is one among the first doctors to have managed diabetes in pregnant mothers using the Insulin Pump. Dr. Guruprasad has several publications to his credit, including the book ‘Multiple Choice Questions in Diabetes Mellitus’.

Patients Talk:
“My relationship with Dr. Guruprasad has been for more than seven years now! He is one of the finest Diabetologists and Endocrinologists I have ever met. I was the first in my family to visit him, and slowly over time, my mother & entire family started visiting his clinic as and when required. I appreciate him for the time and patience he dedicates to us every time. Detailed examination was done before every prescription. He also provides us with better suggestions regarding lifestyle management, diet, and exercise. As a matter of fact, we have also received remote support from him on occasions through platforms like WhatsApp and email when he was travelling abroad. I would say, he actually cares for his patient and my family feels safe with him,” ~ Manjunath Kandkur, Film Producer and Managing Director, Dolphin Granites.

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2009
Location: Vidyaranyapura (Bangalore)
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