What does the FSH test tell you?

FSH, meaning follicle-stimulating hormone is present in your blood which is produced in the pituitary gland, located under the brain. This hormone is responsible for all kinds of sexual growth and reproductive organs. Getting a follicle-stimulating hormone test is important to keep the functioning and development of these organs in check.

What is an FSH blood test?

A follicle-stimulating test is done to check the levels of this hormone in the blood. It is important to get tested if there are any fertility issues or problems related to your reproductive organs. The test is also done if there are signs of early or delayed puberty in children.

Below are 4 main reasons for getting this test done to check for any issues in the body:

1. Men should get themselves tested if their partner is not able to get pregnant due to their low sperm count and when they have low muscle mass and decreased sex drive.
2. Women should get themselves tested if they are facing issues related to conceiving. Also, when they are facing irregular or no menstrual periods.
3. Children should get tested when they hit puberty too soon or too late.
4. When you have issues and problems related to pituitary or hypothalamic disorders.

There are various types of issues that could be found and detected with the help of this FSH test. This is the reason why many doctors advise their patients to get this test done if they are suffering from any health problems.

Some of the basic problems that can be detected with the help of this test are:

● The problems related to infertility in men and women can be detected through this test. It may be related to the sperm count in men or conceiving issues in women.
● The issues with ovarian functions are detected. Improper functioning of ovaries can cause many issues.
● Irregular or stopped menstrual periods in women can be checked. The reason for such problems is provided in the results of this test.
● When a woman is of the age 50 or above, she is prone to enter the menopause stage of her life. Her periods become irregular and gradually stop. At this stage, she cannot get pregnant as well. A lot of her health conditions that are detected in this test could indicate that she is approaching the menopause stage.
● Men facing issues with their testicles can also learn more about the reasons for such problems and work towards improving them with the help of this test.
● Problems related to puberty in children can be detected and explained through thistest. The abnormal timings of hitting puberty can have underlying issues regarding children’s growth and development that should be checked and taken care of.
● Pituitary disorders like fatigue, sudden weight loss, weakness, less appetite, etc. should also be checked and treated by getting a test done.

These are some of the main problems that can be detected and solved with the help of FSH blood tests. The process of getting this test done is very simple and has no signs of complications.

How to get tested and what are the necessary prior requirements?

The process of the test is very simple. The doctor will use a needle and a test tube for this. By inserting the needle inside your vein, he will collect a small sample of blood inside the test tube and get that blood tested.

The insertion of the needle does not hurt and has no permanent effects. You may feel like a little prick and bruised for a day or two.

There are no prior requirements for males and children as such. However, for women, to get an accurate result of issues related to menopause, infertility, or menstrual periods, the doctor will study her menstrual period cycle and suggest a specific day for when the woman should get tested.

After the test is done, the results arrive based on high or low levels of FSH in your body. Both of them have different meanings that are discussed below:

High FSH levels-

● In women, it can mean they have POI, PCOS, menopause, ovarian tumour, or turner syndrome.
● In men, it can mean their testicles are damaged due to medical and other reasons. It can also mean they can have Klinefelter syndrome.
● In children, it means they have a disorder in their central nervous system or a brain injury

Low FSH levels-

● In women, it means they have issues related to their ovaries and pituitary glands.
● In men, it means they have pituitary glands and hypothalamus disorders.
● In children, it means they have problems related to their reproductive organs and can also mean they have eating or hormone disorders.

Getting an FSH blood test is very important and beneficial. If you are dealing with any such issues, then do not wait longer and get yourself tested immediately.