Tech-driven Innovations to Transform Healthcare in 2021

The healthcare sector in India is anticipated to become worth USD 372 billion by 2022, according to a recent report by Statista. One of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment - India’s healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace.

Owing to the impact and effects of the pandemic, the course of technology-driven change has diverted this year. Some of the biggest drivers of change are AI, the IoT, and fourth industrial revolution fields and their impact is being felt in different ways than what was predicted earlier.

These technologies are making a great impact on the healthcare industry. The focus of advanced research in various fields such as medicine, vaccines, social care, and environmental health has shifted to handle the ongoing crisis. Furthermore, every key trend, right from biotechnology and smart medicine to AR/VR, smart cities, digital twinning, and robotics, also have their role to play.

Last year, all organizations had to become tech companies since data and computing had become crucial to everything they did. And this year, every organization should and will learn to become a healthcare company, since safeguarding employees and customers are becoming a core requirement of doing business.

Preventing contagion
This will include enhanced biosecurity measures from sanitization stations to on-premises screening technology and quarantine measures specifically at locations where employees are required to work on-site and cannot work from home. Tech-driven innovation around this would not only initiate improved safety measures but also enable early-warning systems to lessen the possibility of contagious illness being passed around.

For some organizations, it would be safer for employees to remain remote throughout the year. However, there will be other challenges that include the need to support the mental health of employees as they juggle home and work responsibilities. Moreover, without face-to-face contact, it would be even more difficult for managers to assess if their teams are overworked or taking the right precautions to safeguard their health. And once again, with the help of technology based health apps that monitor our activity, remind us to take breaks and exercise, technology plays a major role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Overhauling the medical education
The Government of India is transforming the entire medical education and healthcare sector and the National Medical Commission would bring great transparency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the 26th of February 2021. “Friends we are transforming the entire medical education and healthcare sector,” he said addressing the 33rd convocation of the state-run Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University through video conferencing.

“The National Medical Commission would bring great transparency and also rationalize norms to set up new medical colleges,” he added. With the much needed policy support, the healthcare industry in India is gearing up to transcend by jettisoning legacy systems and adopting novel technology tools.