Max Healthcare Introduces CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer Treatment in Delhi-NCR

Max Healthcare Unveils Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T Cell Therapy, a State-of-the-Art Cancer Treatment Across Delhi-NCR Hospitals. The groundbreaking therapy involves genetically modifying patients' immune cells in the lab to effectively combat specific cancer types. T cells, a particular white blood cell, are engineered to target and eliminate cancer cells as part of this advanced treatment.

The sourcing of CAR T cells for this therapy is done in collaboration with ImmunoACT, an IIT Bombay-incubated company. Last month, ImmunoACT received Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation's (CDSO) marketing authorization approval for its CAR-T cell therapy product for relapsed/refractory B-cell lymphomas and leukaemia in India.

"The introduction of CAR T-cell therapy at Max Healthcare marks a significant leap in our commitment to providing cutting-edge care for cancer patients. This innovative approach reflects our continuous endeavor to push the boundaries of cancer treatment, offering patients the most advanced therapeutic options available", Dr. Harit K Chaturvedi, Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care said in a statement.

Termed a "living drug", this therapy delivers long-lasting advantages and is suggested for individuals ineligible for a stem cell transplant or experiencing post-transplant relapse. In contrast to traditional treatments, this entails a short, one-time infusion, improving the quality of life for numerous patients. Doctors assert that the average in-patient care duration is approximately two weeks.

"CAR-T Cell therapy is a revolutionary product now available for patients in India. We are proud to partner with Max Healthcare to launch this life-saving product for patient in India. Patients in India and countries with limited resources will now have access to this life-saving drug at an affordable cost. The indigenously-developed product will put the country on the world map of advanced cell-and-gene therapies," Shirish Arya, Co-founder, and Director Strategy & Business Development, ImmunoACT said.