Manipal Hospitals partners with Google Cloud to improve patient service

Manipal Hospitals and Google Cloud have announced a partnership to support the healthcare service provider in patient care, clinician experience and network efficiency.

Manipal Hospitals will leverage Google Cloud’s technology to enable virtual care services across its chain, create a digital platform that allows patients to order medicines from the hospital, and to build remote patient monitoring. India's second-largest healthcare service provider will also use Google Cloud’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve customer interactions.

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Manipal Hospitals will use the Amwell platform to enable virtual visits. The Amwell deployment is part of a suite of digital care delivery enablement solutions designed to provide a simple and intuitive experience for patients and providers alike.

"Over the past two years, there has been an extensive focus on digital transformation of healthcare. The government, private hospitals and health-tech start-ups have focused on creating digital solutions for the efficient delivery of healthcare. The partnership with Google Cloud will enable us to solve some of our most complex medical issues using innovative technology, better anticipate the needs of the people we serve, and improve access to care, whenever and wherever patients need us,” said Dilip Jose, managing director and chief executive officer, Manipal Hospitals.

Manipal Hospitals will use Google’s technology to build multichannel conversational AI experiences across its appointment booking, searching for doctors, and other important patient tasks.

“I believe that the partnership will help promote penetration of Manipal’s clinical healthcare services in Tier II and III markets while making it convenient for both clinicians and patients. The partnership is critical to further clinical excellence of our healthcare system in markets with inequitable access to quality healthcare. Today, even the remotest areas of our country have access to the internet and smartphones. This, along with the penetration of Google Cloud in our country provides us the opportunity to deliver high-quality care in markets that we are not present in,” said Karthik Rajagopal, COO, Manipal Hospitals.