Know the benefits of cashless health insurance policies offered by Bajaj Finance

Rising medical expenses and the increasing number of lifestyle diseases have elevated the importance of a medical insurance policy from an optional investment to a necessary safety net. Health insurance policies cover the cost of the insured individual’s treatments against healthcare claims. While most health insurance plans reimburse the expenses after the payment has been made by the insured, opting for policies from Bajaj Finance provides the policyholder immunity from out-of-pocket expenses. Bajaj Finance is a corporate insurance partner and has joined hands with several players, including Bajaj Allianz. Under the cashless claims settlement clause of the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance policy,the insurance claims of the policyholder are resolved directly between the hospital and the insurance company.

How do you get cashless treatment benefits from policies offered by Bajaj Finance Limited?

A cashless claim settlement process provides policyholders with much-needed relief from financial burdens when dealing with the ordeal of hospitalisation. However, to avail of such a facility, the policyholder must opt for a hospital listed on the insurance provider’s network. Since Bajaj Allianz health insurance plans have one of the largest networks of hospitals that offer this premium facility, it won’t be challenging to find one close to home. Thus, the policyholder can get the necessary treatment at these network hospitals, and the insurance company will directly settle the bill. However, before you opt for such cashless health insurance policies,you must know about the different types of cashless treatments, the documentation required to avail of them, and their benefits.

Types of cashless treatments and how to avail of them
There are two types of cashless treatments you can opt for at a cashless network hospital affiliated with Bajaj Finance.

Planned cashless treatments-These are the treatments for which the policyholder secures a prior appointment at the network hospital. Steps to avail of cashless claim settlement for this type of treatment are as follows:

● Submit the details of your health insurance to the network hospital for verification
● The hospital will send a pre-authorisation form to the insurance company
● Post verification of the claim form, your insurance company will communicate all other essential details of your policy to the hospital
● When approved, you will be sent a confirmation letter with a validity period of 7 days
● Submit this letter and your health card at the time of admission to ensure that the insurance company directly settles your treatment bills

Unplanned cashless treatments- You are eligible for cashless treatments at network hospitals during a medical emergency. With the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan, you can avail of cashless treatments during such critical times by following the few easy steps mentioned below.

● Notify Bajaj Allianz within 24 hours of your hospitalisation and initiate a claim intimation request
● The network hospital has to fill in the cashless claim form and submit the same to the insurance company
● This claim form will be authorised once the insurer verifies it
● If approved, your bills will be covered by your Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan. In case your claim is rejected, you will be notified via email

Documents needed for cashless treatments

You need to have the following documents when availing of this cashless treatment facility through your Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan.

● Duly signed claim form with correctly filled details
● Health card
● Valid photo ID
● Original test results, along with their payment receipts
● Discharge summary
● A referral letter from the doctor recommending hospitalisation
● Cash receipts from the pharmacy
● Original medical prescriptions

An FIR or Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) is essential for hospitalisations resulting from accidents. The insurance company may request additional documents on a case-by-case basis.

What are the benefits of cashless treatments?

When faced with an emergency or rapidly deteriorating medical condition that requires immediate hospitalisation, the last thing you would want to think about is the ATM’s upper limit on money withdrawals. Cashless treatments help eliminate this stress from the equation. They reduce the financial burden of paying out of your pocket. Whether you face a medical emergency in your home town or while travelling, you will be covered at all times with a health insurance cashless claims policy.
Health insurance policies offered by Bajaj Finance Limited come with cashless treatment options that allow policyholders to avail necessary medical treatment and undergo procedures without the fear of paying out of their pockets. Thus, when an insurance plan covers you, you can register cashless claims for both planned and unplanned medical situations in a few easy steps, which will significantly help during such stressful and trying circumstances.