India to give Covishield to Nepal & Bhutan for Free, 2mn Doses as Gift to Bangladesh

Leading the way as the big brother to its neighboring nations, India plans to give Serum India Institute’s Covishield to its neighboring countries. Nepal will receive it for free, and Bangladesh will receive two million doses as gift.

Bhutan Prime Minister Lotay Tshering confirmed on Monday that Indian government will provide COVID-19 vaccines to the country for free on January 20.

The Bhutanese quoted PM Tshering, “GoI has announced that they will provide vaccines for free and if we have to procure vaccines then His Majesty has said he would even provide from his personal resources”. He further added, “If we have to buy the vaccines then we may to spend $6 million. His Majesty was informed by the GoI that they value the old ties with Bhutan and will help Bhutan. We have told GoI that we plan to vaccinate the whole eligible population in one go and they said they understand”.

The Bhutanese daily also quoted him, it looks like we will get the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from India.

Even the Nepal Embassy said following the approval of emergency use of Covishield vaccine, “The Indian side assured that the requirements of Nepal would be in priority consideration after the roll-out of vaccine”.