ETPharma is organizing the Future-Ready Pharma Supply Chain Summit in 2024

ETPharma is set to organize the first edition of the Future-Ready Pharma Supply Chain Summit 2024 on February 24, 2024, at the Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai. Themed 'Resilience, Integrity, and Sustainability', the summit aims to bring together industry leaders, regulatory experts, and technology innovators to envision the transformative path for the future of pharmaceutical supply chains.

Against the backdrop of challenges faced by the Indian pharmaceutical industry, including global health crises and complex regulatory landscapes, the summit will address the need for a forward-looking and adaptable supply chain. Key discussions will focus on strategies, real-world case studies, and best practices to enhance resilience, transparency, collaboration, digitalization, and patient-centric and agile supply chains.

The conference will feature insights from industry leaders such as Dr. Himanshu Gadgil, CEO of Enzene Biosciences; Parag Swadia, CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Private Limited; Bhushan Sachdev, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Operations at JB Pharma; Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer at Granules India Limited; and Sundar Narsimhan, Chief Procurement Officer at Neuland Laboratories.

The event will kick off with a welcome address by Prabhat Prakash, Senior Digital Content Producer at ETPharma, followed by an inaugural panel discussion on reshaping the future of innovative, sustainable, and patient-centric pharma supply chains. The summit will also include discussions on forging global alliances, advancing pharma supply chains through digitalization, and navigating sustainability, risk, and resilience.

The Future-Ready Supply Chain Summit 2024 will conclude with a panel discussion on the role of cold chain logistics in preserving the quality of biosimilar and pharma products. The closing remarks will be delivered by Prabhat Prakash.