AIIMS to enhance healthcare with the help of AI, drones

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AlIMS), Delhi, has called for partnership with two IITs and an IIM to look at innovations in the disciplines of patient care and hospital management. In letters received by this newspaper, the premier medical institute plans to create its own interface to use artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, hospital management system and software, wherein the expertise of other top institutes will come in handy.

The AIIMS director has sought a meeting with the heads of IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Guwahati and IIM Ahmadabad to explore future prospects of the proposal. In a letter written to IITs, AIIMS expressed establishing a joint research institute for AI and clinical trials apart from exploring innovations in drives and robotics which could be used in the delivery of medical supplies and surgery. “A joint Al research center could be established to drive innovation in healthcare Al technologies and applications. The use of drones for medical supply delivery and robotics in surgery are emerging trends. Collaborative projects in these areas could lead to safer, more efficient healthcare practices,” the letter addressed to IIT Guwahati and Gandhinagar read.

AIIMS sources said that the institute has already set up separate committees to implement AI, drones and robotics and collaboration with IITs will help in more precise implementation of the emerging technologies.“The use of robotics is already being done in surgeries, but we have to explore more disciples where robotics could help,” said a senior member of the robotics and AI committee.

Another member of the drone committee said that a hub is planned at NIC Jhajjar (satellite healthcare unit of AIIMS) since the main campus in Delhi lies in a no-fly zone. “We are exploring the possibilities of delivering the medical supplies to other satellite units. We hope to make it functional within six months after trials,” he added. Meanwhile, the institute also expressed its interest in collaborative initiatives with IIM Ahmadabad in Healthcare Management and Hospital Administration as focus areas.