5 Simple Easy To Make VEGAN Recipes For Athletic Excellence

Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness professional, or just an everyday runner, regular physical activity brings a lot of changes in your body and subsequently in your lifestyle. As you continue to work out and make progress in your body, various changes start taking place in your body, such as an increase in the level of antioxidant enzymes and the growth of blood cells.

While these changes bring benefits to your health at the same time it also leads to greater nutritional and dietary requirements. It is generally understood that athletes and fitness professionals require a significant level of nutrients and proteins in their daily dietary requirements. This can be a little challenging when you’re practicing a vegan lifestyle. So, if you’re feeling the same way and looking for easy vegan recipes for athletic excellence.

Plant based vegan recipes for athletes are all about getting sufficient nutrition to support your active lifestyle

Here are a bunch of interesting plant based recipes filled with nutrients and fortified foods you need to enhance the physically active lifestyle.

1. Vegan Vanilla Protein Smoothie
Let’s start our round with a fresh glass of smoothie that is too vegan! Smoothies are a staple way to kick in the protein. This smoothie is a perfect quick breakfast option with a tasty yet healthy twist. This classic combo of fruits and vegetables is blended into a smooth drink to vitalize you for the day ahead. It contains the perfect amount of protein and nutrients to fuel your body.

You can pair this drink with a natural plant based bGREEN Vegan Protein Peanut Butter to bring out a smooth taste along with fulfilling the daily intake of Vitamin B12. This vegan peanut butter is suitable for living an active lifestyle and an excellent healthy food substitute.

2. Vegan Southwest Burger
Vegan burgers with vegan stuffing are a great option for consuming sufficient protein and nutrient contents in a tangy style. This whopping burger is a perfect balance of refreshing salsa and rich vegetables. You can add fresh guacamole to add that smooth layer. Serve it with roasted sweet potatoes to enjoy a balanced meal.

3. Vegan Veggie Pasta
Vegan plant-based pasta is a great option for post-workout meals. This healthy pasta is a combination of nutrient rich ingredients including chickpeas, quinoa and lentils. You can get 30 gms of protein per serving with this lip-smacking dish.

4. Vegan Burrito Bowl
Bowls are always a great choice, especially when packed with your favorite veggies! You can make your bowl of goodness with fresh veggies including beans, cabbages, peanuts, nuts with quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes. This meal contains a balanced amount of protein and low carbs for you to enjoy a light yet fulfilling meal.

5. Vegan BBQ Stir Tofu
Another great vegan find to juggle up your meal prep is by adding tofu. Tofu is an excellent ingredient that soaks and absorbs whatever marinate you put it into. You can make this divine dish by marinating your tofu and stir-frying them with the veggies of your choice. You can top them with a brush of BBQ sauce to get that spicy taste. This dish is a great dinner option combining the right amount of proteins and micronutrients.

Plant based vegan recipes for athletes are all about getting sufficient nutrition to support your active lifestyle. Vegan recipes that are easy to make and healthy are a blessing sent by god. Plant-based recipes are a great way to include more and more nutrients into your meal plans without relying on meat-based products. Plant-based proteins can further enhance your daily vitamin intake and boost your immunity with their micronutrients. So, if you’re still confused about what to cook that gives you sufficient proteins and vitamins, you just got yourself a bunch of fun recipes to try.