• Dr. Raksha Chhadva : The Alchemist Of Holistic Healing
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    Dr. Raksha Chhadva : The Alchemist Of Holistic Healing

    Faced with critical challenges today as the healthcare industry spans diverse fields of medicine and treatment science, there’s a lot of emphasis being laid upon wellness & nutrition as well in order to manage health proactively. Significantly, terms such as diet and nutrition, naturopathy, holistic healing, and others are increasingly becoming popular. Among the generous leaders boosting the market of medicine and holistic wellness through a keen passion for healthcare and the well-being of the demography, is Dr. Raksha Chhadva (Naturopath, Psychiatric Nutritionist, Dietitian & Counsellor), Director of Navjivan Nature Cure Center (NNCC) located in Gujarat (Mandvi Bhuj), is a testament to her sincere dedication to the community’s well-being.


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