With Rising Geriatric Population, the Market for Orthopedic Treatment will Swell

Anamika SahuManaging EditorAfter the brilliant move of slashing the price of coronary stents last year, the Indian government slashed the price of knee implants by between 59 percent to 69 percent, which is expected to benefit over three crore arthritis patients in India. Looking at the changing demography of the country and the increasing geriatric population, this move seems to benefit a huge number of population saving them around Rs.1500 crore annually. Over the last few years, India is witnessing an increasing number of population, especially adults, suffering from arthritis, and osteoarthritis is one among them, which is the most prevalent form of arthritis in the country.
Doctors predict that India will become the osteoarthritis capital of the world with over 60 million cases by 2025. On the other hand, SRL Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic chain in India, stressed on the rising arthritis cases among women than men in India. This painful disease ultimately leads one to be bedridden or go for a surgery. And the government’s move to keep the knee implants price under check will ultimately help many to get rid of this lifelong adversity.

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