The Healing Touch needs to be Stronger, Now more than Ever

In India, there has been a resurgence in both investment and innovation for traditional medical systems. The Center unveiled a number of efforts geared at this industry at the Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit's opening session earlier this year in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, including helping farmers, supporting startups, and promoting medical tourism.

The Ayush (ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha, and homoeopathy) sector's first mega event of this size also facilitated collaborations with international and national institutions and several other sectors, igniting financial considerations, mutual research, and expanding its reach globally.

Traditional medicine is once again receiving attention at a time when the pandemic is causing considerable alarm world wide. People have realised how ayurvedic medicines and many other products are aiding people to increase immunity. “During the times of COVID-19, turmeric export from India increased manifold. Innovation and investment increase the capability of any sector manifold. It is time now to increase investment as much as possible in the Ayush sector", PM Narendra Modi was as saying during the global summit.

Ayurvedic medicines, in particular, have been found to have the potential to support the traditional medicine market. Particularly Ayurvedic medications have been discovered to have the ability to support the market for conventional treatments. Currently, ayurvedic herbs are gaining popularity across the globe for their safe and economical management of illnesses, particularly in patients with diabetes, skin conditions, obesity, weakened immunity, and infertility. The technological support Indian medicines require to advance to the next level is critical. The filing of more patents for Indian drugs will result from an emphasis on research. This will offer scientific and empirical support for Indian remedies.