Riding The Wave

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorIndia is a haven for pharmacy industry due to high access to cheap and skilful human resources, and availability of the largest pool of patients and large hospitals. On the other hand, the diverse climatic condition plays an important role in allowing the stability studies to be performed with ease. Also, the country's acceptance of international guidelines and intellectual property rights add up to the benefits. This is why India's Contract Research Organization (CRO) market is expected to grow profoundly in the coming times to reach $986.9 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 12 percent.
Whether its clinical trials, product development, process development, post-marketing surveillance, quality monitoring and others, the country is leading the world in serving various therapeutic applications like oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, urology and others. The conducive market environment is a positive sign, but the unethical practices undertaken by some of the CROs and those poor handling of the data security are two prime concerns that the industry need to fix soon.

On the other hand, several CROs in India still lack proper knowledge and infrastructure. Hence despite being a hub of CROs, it is pertinent that you seek proper due diligence before inking a contract. Hence to ease your work, we at siliconIndia Healthcare bring to you `10 Most Promising Contract Research Organizations ­ 2019', a comprehensive list created post appropriate investigation of companies by our board for several months. We also bring to you the story of `Clinical Research Network India: A Nationwide Consortium of Experienced Investigators & Clinical Research Sites' as our cover story. Read to know more about them and find you match. We hope that the list serves its purpose of creation.

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