Making Hospitals More Functional

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorThe hospitals have always been Green and White for us; but mostly failed to provide a soothing effect and positive impact on patients. That pungent phenyl smell, the compact floor movement and the pitiful crowd management are something that we picture when we say a hospital. But not anymore as the healthcare centres have moved beyond the usual towards implementing world-class functional buildings that are colourful, have sufficient natural lights & scenes and calm, clean rooms that positively impact a patient's mood and bodily self-image.

Hospital architecture has undergone a sea change in its functional focus, with the goal to improve internal
processes in which various areas of the hospital participate. The purpose is to achieve higher efficiency and better quality perceived by users. Hence today's healthcare centres are designed keeping patients at the centre of the core, and provide a relaxing environment to enable faster recovery. One can see the modern day maternity hospitals being more colourful, vibrant and personalized with lighting and fragrance to help would-be-mothers or mothers to enjoy their parenthood. Apart from this, the modern day hospitals should be capable enough to energy efficient, thus saving huge on the energy cost.

But designing, constructing and implementing all the architecture procedures aren't a baby walk. It needs experts to chalk the plans from the very designing phase post comprehending the need, and type of hospital to ensuring that the design is put in the same way on ground, and is hassle-free when functional. This is where the need for healthcare architectures comes into picture. If you are looking at finding such partner, our current edition of siliconIndia Healthcare Magazine's `10 Most Promising Hospital Architecture Services Providers ­ 2019' is the handbook you need. Featuring some of the most eminent names from the industry, the issue talks about their strengths, end-to-end, and brings to light their efficiency to create the most functional, efficient and effective healthcare centres. Read to know more about them.

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