Engineering Good Health

The last few months have been a turning point in our life. From changing the way we perceive health and healthcare measures to how we take care of our hygiene, things have turned 180 degree. Sanitization has become an essential daily routine, cleaning home & offices and keeping them stain and infection free. The pandemic even changed the healthcare professionals' safety equipment too which require more safety gears to stay protected. Hence more caution is needed when selecting health safety & hygiene products.

But with the growing demand of safety and hygiene products there have emerged a number of companies promising to offer the best quality and certified products. But are they so safe? There are several reports doing the round that many of the sanitization makers use poor quality materials to create products, which does more harm than good to the user during this pandemic times. Though there was an outburst of sanitizer makers across India post COVID hit us bad, half of these companies' claim bit the dust if we believe the recent surveys. Hence it is important that we be cautious when buying products concerned with health safety & hygiene, not giving any way to duplicate products.

This will impact not just the health of the end users, but even the frontline warriors. Hence to bring to you the list of some of the best health safety & hygiene products, siliconindia Magazine brings to you the list of `10 Most Promising Health Safety & Hygiene Products ­ 2020'. Our team of experts together with our Editorial Board finalized the names post due diligence, and here we bring to you the story of their strength, products/offerings, case study and their uniqueness. Read to know more about them.

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