Diagnostic 4.0 - Driven by Technology, Offered with Personalization

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorThere is a stark connection between the rising lifestyle diseases and the growth of diagnostic industry in India. The recent uprising of health conscious population to cut chronic & lifestyle related ailments will lead the diagnostic industry in India to value at around Rs.860 billion by 2020. While mostly ruled by the unorganized sector, the industry will move towards more consolidation of smaller and independent laboratories to become the franchise of the bigger players, because addressing the growing critical role of the customers needs international standards, which these small players may not afford to offer.
Improving healthcare facilities, diagnostic centres and pathology laboratories, entry of global players, increasing public-private projects and awareness among customers regarding health insurance, will further consolidate the industry. On the other hand, digitalization, robotization and automation have made the labs smarter, enabling it to handle both routine/high volume analysis and offer highly customized analysis at competitive prices.

Further, rapid advancements in genomics, ground breaking research & innovation, greater complexity in diagnostics, rise of online healthcare, emergence of digital health records, and focus on customer-centric approach, are just the tip of the iceberg. The industry will transform drastically in the coming years in India as it needs to reach to every last mile where healthcare is still a luxury. We at siliconindia Healthcare have shortlisted few diagnostic centres under our `10 Most Promising Diagnostic Centres PAN India ­ 2019', where we talk about some of the most advanced and socially responsible centres that have extended their hands to serve the underserved customers through their efficient and tech-savvy offerings. Read to know more about them and how they are changing the game of healthcare in India.

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