Connecting the Dots

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWhether dyslexia (learning disorder) or autism (developmental disability), a child needs more support beyond the doctors. It's constantly observed that such kids are more bullied at home by siblings and friends. While parents do give the much needed care, but with time, they drain out and neglect the kid's growth, thus adding more to their pain. While working on our current edition of `10 Most Promising Speech Therapy Clinics ­ 2019', several therapists unfolded many such stories that resulted in stalling the kids' growth. But they also brought to light the fact that with proper speech and language therapies, kids with dyslexia can be treated and brought into the
mainstream, and kids suffering from autism could also lead a normal life.

Unlike the olden days that I would not call the golden days considering the speech and language disorders, today's therapists are more than willing to go those extra miles along with parents and the kids/adults suffering from the ailment to treat them. Our issue features some such worthy names from the industry who even train parents and family members on how to treat and deal with such kids/adults. These therapists also align with the kids' schools and work along with them to ensure the kids' absolute development is met with complete dedication.

However, the onus still lies on us to create awareness among parents to accept the fact that their kids also may be struggling from speech and language disorder, which needs immediate attention so that the treatment is not prolonged. This will also ensure their early social and professional growth compared to those who are left untreated. But it is also time the therapists leverage technology more than ever to early diagnose speech and language issues like speech language delay, voice disorders, stuttering, unclear speech and more, and even treat patients with autism and cerebral palsy. We hope that our current edition will play a small but vital role in creating this awareness from bottom up and connect the dots.

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