Be on the Move with Best Treatment Neurology! Have you thought of its criticality?

Needless to say, many of us are well aware of its significance in the healthcare space, since ever.

Being in good health is the prime precursor of humans, and that is being taken care of positively today. However, dealing with or performing our daily life routine, we are confronted with countless situations that affect our health, and neurological disorders are often overlooked as people hardly are able to first-guess their actual health condition. Well, neurology concerning brain and nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) should be vitally taken care of by all as our nervous system is our body’s command center.

The specific causes of neurological disorders can be triggered by numerous reasons and that can be genetic disorders, infections, congenital abnormalities or disorders, lifestyle or environmental health problems including malnutrition, and brain injury, spinal cord injury or nerve injury. Neurologists knowing the anatomy, function and conditions that affect your nerves and nervous system play a major role in relieving our such conditions.

Though Neurology is not a vastly demanded amongst the demography but still remains at the core of healthcare, hence through our current edition ‘Top 10 Prominent Neurologists – 2023’, we have strived to present to you a list of recognized Neurologists in the country at present.

Do read to know about them and seek the best required treatment for yourself, if needed!