As We Age & Enter the Senior Zone

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorHealthcare is a complex sector. No marks for guessing that the sector needs highly experienced experts to achieve the results, which missed means death. To achieve positive outcomes, the industry needs best teams, starting from the bottom line to the top line, which includes nurses, pathologists, doctors and others. But despite of having over 235 government medical colleges in India, there lies a huge gap between the demand and supply, which needs to be filled precisely.

Add the lack of specialists like pathologists, and even the medical coders who are equally necessary to make the entire process a smooth and pleasing experience for the patients. However, with the growing population of the nation, this gap will only increase, but then we need to ensure that the one out in the market and practicing treats their patients ethically and are not quacks. A stringent system is required to fix this long hanging dilemma, and we still await for the government to act on this direction.

However, looking at the growing market scope and the students willing to pick up medical stream as their career, we bring to you ’10 Most Promising Healthcare Training Institutes - 2019’. The featured institutes are leaders in bridging the gap between healthcare industry expectations and expert medico from academia. Read to know more about them and how they are playing an instrumental role in enabling expert professionals. We also bring to you ‘10 Most Promising Analytical & Scientific Instruments Companies – 2019’, apart from our cover story on ‘MOTRAS Scientific Instruments: IoT-Fying Measuring Instrumentation Big Time’.
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