Adding Value to the Healthcare Chain

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorIndia has been one of the first few countries to discover medicines in the form of herbs (Ayurveda). While the modern world is more inclined towards modern medicines, India is gradually becoming the epicentre of developing generic drugs. However, with time, the evergreen Ayurveda is again finding a solid base for itself, but the challenge lies in giving them more scientific base and developing research and clinical capabilities to product new drugs constantly, both in Ayurveda and modern medicines.

Despite this tussle, India is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical industry in terms of drugs volume. However, drug discovery is n’t an easy feat. This lengthy, complex, and costly process with a high degree of
success uncertainty is always a challenge that Indian pharmaceutical R&D companies lovingly accept and even overcome. And such challenges bring new opportunities while witnessing new entrants that can further revolutionize the drug discovery ecosystem, impacting the overall healthcare sector at large.

Hence, it is time we look beyond the big corporates and start investing in the few not for profit organizations who have been making great strides in drug discovery and bringing the prices of medicines down. The government and funding companies should open their wallet and star pouring funds in these companies to further channelize the entire value chain.

Understanding the current need of the market and the importance of drug discovery, siliconindia Healthcare brings to you ‘10 Most Promising Drug Discovery Services Providers – 2019’. The issue featurs some of the most eminent names from the industry who are engaged in creating new unique products with scientific backing. We also bring to you the story of ‘Reprocell: A Pioneer in Genomics Enhancing the Success Rate of Drug Discovery’ as our cover story. Under the aegis of Lalith Kishore, CEO, the company has become the first company in India to bring CRISPR Cas based Gene editing services through GenAhead Bio, Japan. Read to know more about them.
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