Accurate Diagnosis is the Lifeline of Medical Industry

Anamika Sahu,  Managing EditorFrom misdiagnosis to wrong prescription, medical errors kill millions of people globally, or patients bear the ultimate risk of harm. The question arises, whether you are a patient or a victim. It has been a global threat that needs expert minds to come to the forefront and bring a sustainable change in the ecosystem. Though the need is immense, this cannot be done overnight. What is indeed needed is the fraternity putting things up from the grass root level to eliminate the existing chaos in the diagnostic industry.
While India is a developing nation, it has light years to cover up before it stands at par with the international diagnostic standards. Mainly run by doctors and pathologists having less experience in running the pathlabs, the dearth of professionally run diagnostic centers in the recent times is witnessing a sea change. Today, some of the experienced doctors have taken it to their hand to ensure that diagnosis doesn’t have any scope of error as in the recent past, several doctors have faced legal actions for wrong treatment due to misdiagnosis. On the other hand, several experienced medical practitioners/pathologists run specialized diagnostic centers that uses international technologies for extracting reports, and even run exclusive diagnostic centers in some of the big hospitals to provide their impeccable service. This leaves the doctor with the exclusive job to focus on their core competency and be patient-centric.

Dedicated to few such diagnostic centers is our current issue of siliconindia Healthcare that lists some of the technologically advanced centers that are run by experts under our ‘10 Most Promising Diagnostic Centers - Mumbai’ & ‘10 Most Promising Diagnostic Centers - Delhi’. We hope this list gives you helpful insights into the domain.

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