Doctto Online HealthCare Innovation: Connecting Doctors, Patients and Clinics through Virtual Tour

Sugandha Agarwal, Managing Director, Doctto Online HealthCare InnovationIn past few years, Indian healthcare industry has revolutionized due to enhanced penetration of smartphones and internet, which have further altered the way healthcare services are delivered. Today, the patients have all the information related to doctors, clinics or hospitals at their fingertips by accessing several healthcare portals. But, there is a big question mark on the authenticity of information available on the internet. Thanks to the virtual healthcare visit by Doctto Online HealthCare Innovation (Docttocare), customers can now walk through the services & facilities (availability of the medical equipments, operation theatres and wards) of the medical institutions and choose the right healthcare centre integrated with good doctors & facilities.

Docttocare has been providing reliable information to the healthcare service seekers is Bangalore since 2016. The platform offers virtual as well as reality guided tool of the medical centers, giving a 360 degree view for easy decision-making, thereby enhancing user experience and addressing their qualms towards the services offered. This single online marketplace caters to users, doctors and clinics alike and allows patients to book appointments (instant/later), search, compare, evaluate, share their health records, instantly shortlist the medical centers (based on the rating) and get more information regarding the kind of service providers and the services offered by them that they desire.

Transforming Healthcare Industry
Patient satisfaction is paramount, both from the perspective of healthcare service providers and doctors (condition-specific appropriateness and patient preference).Despite its acknowledged importance and potential fragility, rigorous efforts to conceptualize and measure patient satisfaction have been relatively few. Meanwhile, majority of players deploy marketing-based system, which results in low insurance coverage and high infrastructure & promotional costs. Foreseeing this, Docttocare tenders cure-based ratings, where in patients rate the doctors based on their satisfaction
level. Furthermore, the company lists the doctors & service providers based on the true ratings received by the visited patients instead of monetary basis. “Our solution cured-based rating will shift the Indian healthcare industry to focus on the service thereby augmenting research training, expertise and ensuring increase in service quality,” avers Sugandha Agarwal, Managing Director, Doctto Online HealthCare Innovation.

The platform offers virtual as well as reality guided tool of the medical centers, giving a 360 degree view for easy decision-making, thereby enhancing user experience and addressing their qualms towards the services offered

Alongside, doctors acquire a digital identity, confirm bookings and maintain patient data whereas users get instant appointments with a guaranteed low cost consultation by some of the topmost medical practitioners (holding an experience of 40+ years) via this platform. Simultaneously, the portal assists consumers in obtaining new e-healthcare, checking eligibility for various insurance & TPAs, and accessing blood bank. Post consultation, the clinic maintains the patient records for probable future use. By making manual processes frictionless and automated, Docttocare not only reduces the overall costs of the healthcare system including infrastructure and promotional cost, but also streamlines the pricing model across the industry.

Striving towards Excellence
At present, the company furnishes doctor’s consultation in all the specialties. With the goal to have secure & systematic healthcare management, Docttocare utilizes Amazon secured services and maintains different segregated servers ensuing security of patient’s data. The company is now a certified partner of NASSCOM. Its in-house team of developers, marketing & sales, and finance experts uphold an experience of over six years in their respective fields and never leave a single stone unturned to make their customer happy & satisfied. “Without having proper sales teams in online marketplace, we have covered around 1000 registered doctors (since last one year) and all necessary working capital expenses (till date) with currency,” adds Sugandha.

Docttocare is a supply and demand driving platform within strategic point of view leveraging a market share of $10 million. Striving towards achieving excellence, the company has a sole mission of shaping the healthcare sector much easier/instant and comparable with high standard quality parameter to the society. In the coming years, Docttocare aims to increase their geographical footprint across 10 major cities in India. Meanwhile, the firm envisions releasing hospital bed booking options, providing a satisfied customer experience in India. “Our future roadmap includes marketing & sales plan to generate Rs.1 crore revenue by the end of 2018 without any investment,” concludes Sugandha.

Key Management
Sugandha Agrawal,Managing Director,
Sugandha’s passion towards technology and desire to help & benefit the society led her to found Docttocare.

Office: Bangalore

Service: Online Healthcare Solutions