CliniVantage: Restructuring the Indian Healthcare Delivery Model - Value Based Care

Nilesh Jain, Co-Founder & Director,  Clini VantageThe drive to attain value-based care is reshaping, Clinicians are needed to help manage patients' care, and collect and interpret data, while in general, they work to become more efficient. The focus in healthcare today is reactive care – treating sick patients, instead of proactive care. Dealing with expensive, life-long chronic conditions and an aging population on the one hand, and with several technology innovations touted to address these challenges on the other, the model of delivering care is being upended. Moving towards a proactive or preventive care approach requires data-driven, clinically meaningful insights to be available for a physician to make prognostic, predictive decisions early-on. Fortunately enough, the healthcare industry has CliniVantage. Based out of USA, UK, South Africa and India, CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies is a comprehensive healthcare platform that delivers various PaaS-based healthcare solutions for clinical, non-clinical and administrative services. Known as Pro.Care, the platform is the inclusion of various modules like HIS, OTIMS, EMR, PMS, PACS, HR & Payroll that is built on the pillars of interoperability (stakeholders), artificial intelligence. At present, CliniVantage is handling 55,000 clinical transactions a day. Given the size of the organization and its span of existence in the market, this is a remarkable milestone achieved. The transactions include patient registration and IPD & OPD data that gives very specific structured data.

Eliminating the Technology Limitations of Patient-Centric Care Model - Integrated Care
By choosing the CliniVantage platform, the hospitals can offer maximum flexibility and easy integration to their technology capability and strategy for growth & differentiation. IT Decision Makers can be confident that whatever new technology or culture change comes next- whether serverless, continuous integration/ continuous delivery(CI/CD),or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)- they will seamlessly integrate new innovations and deliver maximum developer productivity with CliniVantage Platform – Pro.Care

As healthcare providers continue with their digital transformations, taking advantage of CliniVantage platforms is key to utilizing resources & can help their organizations cut back on wasted resources and take advantage of their strengths. By adopting CliniVantage, organizations have seen an 80 percent increase in productivity, a time-to-market decrease of 18 months for primary care management programs, and a 50 percent reduction in CAPEX. CliniVantage connected health enables a collective ecosystem for telecare, mHealth, remote care and digital health services. CliniVantage brings the convergence of connected devices, health technology, digital accessibility, artificial intelligence and machine learning and is increasingly enabling solutions to many of the challenges facing the health, social care and wellness sectors, especially in enabling more effective integration of care for the Providers.

CliniVantage removes the care fragmentation experienced by patients, and enables point-of-care engagement via integration and coordination of care and enabling a shared ‘patient story’ i.e. a longitudinal plan of care shared among inter-professional team members when patients transition from one care setting to another. Pro.Care platform enables an effective evaluation process using templates and workflow while documenting the patient’s over all progress in relation to the expected outcomes and goals; plan of care and the interventions are continuously revised, updated and individualized based; evaluation is documented following a standardized framework for knowledge-sharing of the patient’s overall status.

Addressing the Core benefits for Mobile Health - Long Term Patient Engagement
According to mHealth statistics 2016, 93 percent of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve a patient’s health. There are a variety of reasons for the same and CliniVantage is one to believe the list and prove it right. Better point-of-care coordination, Seamless data flow, Direct patient management, and Real-time communication are few of the perks that mobilehealth can deliver. CliniVantage enables continuous data flow between the healthcare providers and the patients. Particularly, CliniVantage’s MyLife Mobile technology is making this complex ecosystem move information more efficiently. Data can move through the network faster with phones and tablets working as end-points. Mobile devices have changed the way to monitor the effect of medicine and administer up-to - date remedies directly. CliniVantage Devices are being used to take regular vitals and keep logs on patients. Doctors and nurses can check up on the patient directly using mobile devices which can show
how to administer a procedure. Through the CliniVantage Platform, App and devices, healthcare providers are taking a more active role in guiding their patients in the right direction. It has been helpful in improving the quality of care dramatically. As for real time communication, CliniVantage MyLife mobile app is the improvement in healthcare communication. Doctors and nurses can inspect the patient’s condition remotely. Regular real-time communication between providers and patients also builds rapport. But the benefits of CliniVantage devices and MyLife in healthcare have reached beyond the doctor-patient relationship. CliniVantage is also promoting collaboration, consulting and sharing of knowledge globally. Experts from different corners of the world can consult each other in real-time to learn and share. In turn, the patients benefit from these collaborations and information sharing.

"CliniVantage Innovations in science and technology today is transforming healthcare for tomorrow, in areas such as AI, ML, digital imaging and improved digital devices"

Using the CliniVantage platform, integrated devices and the mobile application, doctors and nurses can now coordinate better with the patient about the diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process. The platform allows integration for management of reimbursement, patientscheduling, e-prescribing and report generation. Health records are readily available with a complete and accurate collection of patient health vitals via CliniVantage’s DoT- Doctor of Things(IoT Device) and other medical IoT devices.

CliniVantage presents a comprehensive representation of the complete patient health record with out limiting it to the concerns or problems pertinent to a particular practice. Instead, it is focused on the patient. CliniVantage MyLife integrates all patient health data, allergies, medications, treatment, co nsultations, and counselling, etc. This point-of-care coordination is making a huge difference in patient recovery and decreasing the number of re-admissions while streamlining the process between inpatient and outpatient care.

“Executive leaders should gear-up health systems so that patient visits are shifted virtually, via smartphone, video conferencing, kiosks, and other technology tools, provided by CliniVantage. Introduce a digital medicine program that engages patients to participate in their own health, so that’s patient engagement by tracking relevant indicators through digitally connected devices that patients and consumers have in hand”, adds Nilesh Jain, Director & Co-founder, CliniVantage.

CliniVantage MyLife mobile technology can empower patients and carers by giving them more control over their health and making them less dependent on HCPs for health information. The two sides can use digital technology to research information online, share experiences and identify treatment options. Its use in providing access to information and education is an important driver of patient engagement. The most widely available health apps have been fitness, medical reference, and wellness apps. While these apps provide information, many currently lack the functionality to do more in relation to health. CliniVantage can help increase patient engagement exponentially.

There is increasing potential to support the shift of some ‘hands on’ treatment in primary care clinics and hospitals to home care via the use of digital communication such as e-visits, e-prescriptions and remote monitoring using CliniVantage Platform, Mobile application MyLife and devices like DoT (IoT). There is enormous potential for further improvements across many aspects of health care provisions – GP practices, residential & nursing homes, and hospitals. Also, in particular areas such as mental health care, by overcoming existing barriers using CliniVantage technology.

CliniVantage Innovations in science and technology today is transforming healthcare for tomorrow, in areas such as AI, ML, digital imaging and improved digital devices. At the moment, CliniVantage’s pace of change in the technology is at an exponential rate, & developments will provide more than hype for the healthcare industry, & will truly transform care. CliniVantage digital and mobile health (mHealth) enables deployment for chronic care management to complex population health analysis. CliniVantage helps healthcare shifts towards a patient centered, outcome-based delivery model, & MyLife is set to be an important partner in healthcare transformation.

AI & ML Future for the CliniVantage Platform
CliniVantage was established in 2017 as a PaaS company, enabling doctors, hospitals and various healthcare stakeholders to perform their functions using the internet of applications, to record, diagnose and deliver care using all possible technologies – ‘One Patient, One Record’. This includes software, hardware and platforms for care
management, including enabling telemedicine via video. The company is also focusing on AI-powered verticals, like AI chatbot that will analyze a patient's condition against a database of symptoms, while incorporating the patient's own medical history and responses to the chatbot's questions. CliniVantage aims and is leaning towards creating a platform where researchers, physicians, and AI can work collaboratively for best possible patient outcomes.

With ever complications in diseases arising, and chronic conditions; CliniVantage combines the might of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and massive transactional data to build an ecosystem to design, develop, validate and execute innovation in Healthcare. It is the first company to focus on building an “App store for healthcare”, with access to doctors, providers and innovators.

Next Revolutionary Strategies for the Healthcare Industry
Currently, CliniVantage has operations in 8 countries and very strong partnerships in the US and UK. CliniVantage’s next wave of expansion involves Primary Health Centers. Powered by CliniVantage CliniQ. in, the goal is to establish primary care that is more affordable, accessible and is an end-to-end health monitoring platform that allows the users to collect, store, analyze and share their medical summary with the entire healthcare network personalized and defined for the patient. These PHCs will have the ability to provide the latest technologies,clinical and non-clinical capabilities for new doctors, and upskilled trained medical staff to provide insights and personalized health to patients based on their medical profile. Further, it will help connect users with various healthcare service providers to get personalized services, viz., medicines, lab tests,or home care services, delivered to their doorstep.

“Our mission is to say ‘Patient, Doctor is here’, this is a very broad statement. It means a lot of things to a lot of people, and ultimately it means 24x7x365 proactive care”, says Dinesh Samudra, CEO & Co-founder, CliniVantage. The objective has now evolved to serve all sections of the society, especiallyin terms of accessibility and affordability of healthcare. “I believe we can deliver to this mission, globally solving one of the most daunting tasks plaguing the healthcare industry – Last Mile Care”, concludes Nilesh.