Wrizto Healthcare: Revolutionizing The Healthcare Ecosystem With Continuum Of Care

Healthcare systems across the globe have started to recognize the importance of taking care of an individual early in the care continuum. Coordinating the care across the care continuum is a key challenge and moving to proactive care requires effectively stratifying the population, understanding the potential disease risks, and engaging patients at the right place and the right time.

Significantly, Wrizto Healthcare, established in 2017 is Simplifying Personal Healthcare Management by empowering the way people live, essentially track & address an individual's activity level, risk level, intake level and more importantly having a history of their health condition. Wrizto Healthcare offers a Cloud based IoT enabled Consumer Centric healthcare ecosystem that helps Healthcare providers (B2B, B2B2C) to build adapt a customized healthcare service platform to serve their end customers. The framework supports international health compliances along with comprehensive tools services to help one realize measurable business benefits. Notably, Wrizto ecosystem is used by top Insurance firm to MNC hospital to online pharmacy and value based care organizations.

Rendering a cloud-based IOT-enabled care continuum ecosystem that aids healthcare providers to build adapt a customized healthcare service platform to serve their end customers

The founding members of Wrizto are proficient individuals, with educational backgrounds from IIM, IIT, and international B-school having strong global experience of working with industry leaders (Motorola, Agilent, ZTE, Samsung and Aurigo).

Bridging The Gap Between The Care Giver And Care Seeker
Currently, the healthcare system consists of disconnected health services working in silos, due WRIZTO HEALTHCARE to which the medical care is limited to instance based instead of being a continuity of care. As a result, the patient centric approach is compromised. Perfectly understanding the scenario Wrizto, as a care continuum ecosystem is connecting the Care provider, Care seekers, and Payer (insurance) on one digital platform. Wrizto Care continuum is built with 4-key tenets; Accessibility, Security, Trust, and Friction less aggregation. The firm enables Plug able Healthcare IT solution with seamless integration to the legacy system, Single window CRM, Billing & compliance, Benefit discovery across the stakeholders, Integrated Health tracker with service alerts, Single window CRM, Billing & compliance, and focuses on healthcare delivery, improved healthcare management, and on demand service delivery.

Wrizto Care continuum system offers an integrated health service ecosystem that is managed and delivered so that an individual receives a continuum of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease management, rehabilitation, and palliative care services, coordinated across the different levels and sites of care within and beyond the health sector, according to their needs. Its core objective is to enable the value chain care service ecosystem to reach out to needy care seekers by enabling a high visibility window across the healthcare verticals. Further, Wrizto Care continuum as a high performance accelerated system strives to encourage the stakeholders to help realize quantifiable business benefits. It provides standardization with structured decision tools and process frameworks to create credible health information, data, and knowledge. In this process, it helps the care seeker and care provider to engage towards building seamless care continuity practices and thereby establishing seamless accessibility among the stakeholders.

Wrizto's care continuum use cases are industry proven and accepted workflow for the Geriatric Care, Out patient and Primary Care, Disease Management Programs, Postoperative & Rehabilitation care, Home & Remote care, Palliative Care, Long term and Wellness care. Its key focus is to empower healthcare organizations from small, medium to big healthcare businesses to accelerate their customer offering through digital transformation.

On-Spot Systematized Telehealth Service
At Wrizto, health experts in association with the expert doctor team have carried a careful research-analysis of International guidelines(WHO), National goals (NHM), and regional state health initiatives and have successfully evolved a comprehensive multidisciplinary innovative solution 'SamVitaTele health' designed in adherence to global health standards encompassing all aspects of the population healthcare. Wrizto Samvita is a unique Human Vital pre screening POCD system for carrying on spot routine health checks, early detection of possible diseases. The key objective of Samvita Telehealth is to provide Pre health-checks close to where people live and provide possible health issues risk, and timely advice to the approved care center for further course of action. SamVitaTelehealth framework further supports inter connectivity between the communities i.e., Primary health centers, district hospitals, and state medical headquarters. The outcome of the Samvita TeleKit is to provide easy access to health checks, with referral support, Telecare facility to enable continuity of care.

Building A Sustainable Healthland
Since its inception, Wrizto has carved a niche for itself in the healthcare domain and has presented concepts to over 10000+ healthcare professionals, healthcare intellectuals, and industry experts across the globe. It has conducted product validation during 2017-2020 with paying customers from established healthcare partners such as Religare Insurance, Aster Hospitals, Medlife, alongside various Care providers. Its core engine has been in the market for 8 years, and has managed more than 1.5M e-patient records.

Wrizto is fortunate to have an industry trusted evangelist team guiding the team in the healthcare verticals; Dr. Subhash Hira (Population Care), Mrs. Glenys Sequeira (Insurance), Mr. Mushtaq A (Govt & Compliance), Mr.Medappa Prasad (Retail & Pharmacy), Mr. Ramaswamy B(E-Commerce) Dr K.K.Varma (Care Consumer) Dr. Aradhna. Wrizto has built a strong domain team under the leader ship of Prakash, Janakiram, Umakant and Nagesh in ensuring the business and technology roadmap meeting the expectations of the customers.

Wrizto Care continuum is poised to grow as a platform of the future and will revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve communication between the provider to provider and with care seeker.

Rajesh NS Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and Chief business officer tells us about Wrizto
Healthcare how its care continuum ecosystem is revolutionizing healthcare delivery to make healthcare services affordably accessible to everyone, anywhere. Rajesh has 26yrs of industry experience having worked with both principle companies and channel partners like Samsung, ZTE and MN World.