Pearson Clinical Assessment: International - Standard Assessments And Intervention Solutions For Mental Health And Well-Being

The company offers premium quality psychological and educational assessment and intervention solutions that promote learning, positive mental health and well-being.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is drastically changing the lives of people. Addressing mental health issues has become a major concern for many companies. Since the pandemic, organisations have seen a drastic rise in cases of emotional issues among its employees. This has brought to centre stage the importance of addressing mental health issues like never before. One Company taking the lead and working to help organisations cope with this issue, in these trying times is Pearson Clinical Assessment(PCA). The company offers premium quality psychological assessment and intervention solutions that promote learning, positive mental health and well-being. Established over 176 years ago, Pearson has more than 20,000 employees across 200 countries.

Our Mission Is To Promote Psychological Well-Being Among Individuals Of All Ages. We Are Committed To Developing Assessments Adapted And Standardized For India, So That This Can Result In Valid Clinical Judgments, Leading To Better Interventions

PCA is the largest test publishing company in the world and has over 80+ years of experience in publishing gold standard assessments. It has over 600 titles in Psychology, Education, Speech, OT and Allied Health, helping professionals in their clinical and research needs. In India, PCA has an established R&D Division with experts from relevant fields. It has also published assessments adapted for India in multiple Indian languages. "Our mission is to promote psychological well-being among individuals of all ages. We are committed to developing assessments adapted and standardized for India, so that assessment results can contribute to valid clinical judgments, leading to suitable interventions," says Mr. Philip Kurian, Country Head & Director at Pearson Clinical Assessment.

The team at PCA creates international-standard assessments involving robust scientific procedures. The research teams collaborate with experts within India and experts in the field of cross cultural assessments across 12 countries to ensure the latest recommendations and research in the field of Psychology, Education, Speech and Language and allied fields are considered and incorporated. These assessments have been chosen to be included in government programs due to their applicability and relevance in diagnosis. The goal is to utilize these assessments for appropriate intervention.

During the pandemic, to help professionals continue to connect with their clients, PCA introduced Q global TM, an online assessment scoring and reporting platform for assessments. This has been helping mental health professionals conduct assessments remotely with ease and generate reports instantly, saving a lot of their professional time. Pearson has also shared guidance on how it's assessments can be used in tele practice within the context of the guidelines from relevant specialized fields. Further, the company also provides workshops for corporate employees to help them manage mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, healthy and unhealthy worry and more. The workshops are conducted by certified mental health professionals who have substantial experience in counselling various mental health issues.

According to reports, India is currently experiencing an increase in mental health difficulties caused by the pandemic and the associated lockdowns. "I think it's fair to say that individuals are experiencing many challenges in their personal and professional lives," adds Mr. Kurian Keeping this in mind, the team at PCA hope to continue with its work of equipping mental health professionals directly; with its research and assessments, "to enable them to assist their clients. The ultimate goal is for individuals to receive the support they might require to effectively cope in these difficult circumstances," concludes Mr. Kurian.